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1. giovanni9686
Lab coats are a hygenic necessity - if a patient's bodily fluids come into contact with him or her, the doctor doesn't want to get that on his or her clothing, both out of self-interest, and to prevent potential pathogens from being transmitted to other people. To this effect, they can simply change their lab coats once they become contaminated, and have them cleaned.

They're white for two reasons. First, white is a color commonly associated with the medical profession and cleanliness, so in this sense it's tradition. However, there is a practical reason as well: bleach is an extremely common cleaning agent used in medical applications, so a lab coat of any other color wouldn't work.
2. fastsaf
Because white clothes are the easiest to sterilize and you can tell they are clean when they are stain free. I don't want a doctor to see me wearing a lab coat that has stains all over it. Neither should you.
to look clean. its also a status color in the hospital. Candy stripes are volunteers, white lab coats are doctors...etc.
4. gusjustgus1
White is the color that symbolizes purity...serility... The doctor's is a steril environment. In such, white coats give a feeling of that.
5. Alyson K
1. It's a uniform. Other people can identify hospital staff by the clothes they are wearing.

2. It is practical. It prevents their own clothes from becoming dirty.
6. rupali84chd
doctors wear white lad cote bcoz "white is a symbol of peace"
in r society if u saw it sociologically or religious point of view doctors are next to god, they r senders of god to serve the people.
so they wear white coat.
7. mango
so any dirts which might contain germs will be obvious, in order to gaurantee patients health and safety against infections
8. thetravelinggardener
so the blood will show
maybe the effect is to appear to be pure and holy as they probe and dig into your body.
9. midtownhazard
to be able to identify the good ones from the bad ones (blood splatter)
10. wesellbunny
So they can see if and when have spilt any scrat on them (I.e. biological material, chemicals, etc) and therefore preserve hygenic and scientific standards.
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