and they all have black 70's style mullets is this true? plus if you cause drama once your in their they play mind games with you until your confidence is destroyed, then they bully you and punch the crap outta you all the time, because there nurses and they this true?
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1. MotherKittyKat
If you get branded as a defiant patient, or combative, they will abuse stepfather was mistakenly called 'combative' when in fact they were giving him insulin, and he didn't even need it..he was trying to defend himself..and they sent him to a place where very dangerous patients stayed,..they abused him and he died a short time after because of their abuse and cover up to hide their own +++ses,,,,,,,,be very careful..some of these guys are very belligerent I do not think you need a hospital at this time.....listen to the defensive mode of another here who says they're a nurse at one of those hospitals...usually the guys who they hire look like linebackers and are trained to deal with hostile people..
2. angelle_76
ABSOLUTE CRAP!I am a deputy manager psychiatric nurse i usually wear my normal clothes to go to work. When a uniform is needed i wear a dark blue nurses uniform. I have never ever and would never play mind games with a client/patient as this would be extremely dangerous and totally unproffesional and never have i or have i known any of my staff to bully patients/clients and if they were to do this they would have instant dismissal. I do not have a mullet i have long blonde hair which is tied back into a pony tail for my own safety. I do not know where you heard this rubbish and maybe the person you heard it from is suffering from dillusions themself.
3. Gardenia
Well, having been a patient at four different hospitals in two states, I can say that I have not experienced anything even remotely like what you describe. Like one of the other responders said, the ones where I was were a lot like hotel rooms. The nurses were usually very nice and understanding, and though occasionally unattractive, never mullet-sporting in my experience. Usually they wear nice hospital scrubs in different colors and prints. My mom was a nurse, so I always think of nurses as sort of mom-ish.
4. Tad Dubious
Yes, that is absolutely true ... in the movies! Although there are exceptions to every rule, mental health facilities today focus mainly on drugs as treatment; there is no need to beat or bully. These facilities are not staffed completely with nurses - there are doctors, aides, and other professionals - and their attire may vary, based on facility rules.
5. Apollo
Sounds like a horror movie but its true. One of my friends used to work in NY mental facility and the stuff this people do is unbelievable. Theres nobody to supervise them and patients suffer a great deal. Nowadays is a little better.
6. jkeys00
i had to stay in a mental hospital for a lil while and I was so scared cuz I had the mental picture of Gothika. I thought I would be stuck in a cell and have to shower with other women but it was nothing like that. It was nice with a room just for me, although I was in a camera room, and it looked like a hotel.
7. Forever_Lost
Is this a joke? i highly doubt any of that is true except for the white walls, white shirts and grey pants...but it depends on the hospital. p.s. learn how to spell
8. ♥TransylvanianVamp♥
Well, darling. You must've heard wrong because mental hospitals nowadays look much better! In fact, they don't look like they come straight out of the Frankenstein movie set...
9. ~Mrs.C
No it is not like that anymore my step brother is in one and they are very nice to him. you can get some nasty people that will pick on the person because no one will believe them because they are crazy. but there are some good nurses that care what goes on to these people. now in them maximum security mental houses im sure they are pretty nuts in there.
10. Xero
Would you trust the first hand account of someone who was admitted to a mental facility?
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