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1. lilac
can you imagine them wearing a different color? maybe its because white can be bleached and you can easily know if its unsanitized. With white you can immediately see dirt.
2. sexychia35
aprons? i thought those were used by cooks?
3. Mrs. Mac 4
White shows a sterile enviroment. That is why most offices are white along with the coats they wear.
4. Matt
Think of it as a uniform.... i guess.

Plus what else would they spend their money on? Might as well buy white coats and bleach. God knows noone else needs that money for what they do.
5. dearnaughtymind
As humans, we associate white or for that matter light pastel colours to cleanliness, purity, health and all good things of life.
Dark colours have been associated with opposites. That ought to be rationale for selection of white or light colours in hospital. It imparts a sense of well being, hope to those under treatment and those visiting.
6. maguyver727
White show's up contamination better than the other colors by themselves. White reflects all wave-lengths of the spectrum more fully, there-by zapping the gems twice. White looks with authority. And, I'm told by a friend in the business, looks real good on the [email protected]@@@@------------so much for a junior shade-tree scientist!!!!!! (did i win?)
7. yogi
Two reasons Most people think of white as pure and clean and germ free and if something were to spill on apron the doctor could see it more clearly then if it were a different color.
8. bambi
They are not only white. At the hospital where I work, they can be blue, white or yellow. White is common in many places because it gives an impression of sterility and cleanliness, plus it is professional
9. shoosh_b
maybe bcoz white shows dirt easily n when u c it clean ull feel better! or maybe coz its a peaceful color so the ull feel peaceful!!!!
10. bwadsp
I understood it was green for operations
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