I have applied online to a certain hospital in Aurora,IL several times for RN positions and I am rejecting each time. I have more than 10 years of experience, I have submitted my resume, and other nurses from my hospital have been hired there so I cant understand why I keep getting rejected! I dont know if its a...
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1. monique
When you say you are rejected, what do you mean? Have you had interviews? Or are you not getting calls for interviews? It honestly could be a salary issue if they are not wanting to pay you what you are making now. Each hospital budget wise is different, so it could be a salary issue if your salary range is above what their budget allows for the position.

You may want to consider calling HR, if they let you speak with HR. Some larger hospitals don't allow applicants to speak with HR....they tell them, if we are interested we will call you. But you could always try!
2. Take A Test!
You say you're applying online. Have you tried applying in person? Do you make follow up phone calls to the HR department and asked a few additional questions about the job or when they might be conducting interviews - so that they know you're really interested and showing motivation? I hope you're not just sitting there waiting for someone to call you.

Are you doing anything to make you a better applicant on paper? Do you do any volunteer work or have you done anything in a leadership capacity that you could play up on your resume? Been on any work committees or practice improvement projects?
3. Raman P
Though your experience, ability are acceptable, they may not have a 'slot' for you. So pl. ignore such un attainable ambitions. For a change, pl look for alternative hospitals nearby or go after a different residence, or take a break of a few weeks' leave & relax !.
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