today i found that i am pregnant :) hehehehe. so i am looking for hospital and doctor . i visited Edward hospital doctor (neparville,il) before trying for a baby which i like the doctor . but we moved to aurora 3months back . now central dupage hospital is near to our house . here is my Q: how to choose a...
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1. Esmarelda
Choose a doc, ask your friends and of course check your insurance. That doctor will have privileges at a particular hospital and that is the hospital you will use, you don't choose that. If you have a particular hospital in mind then you will have to find a doc that practices there.
2. Dark Angel
Talk with friends, family and/or neighbors for recommendations. They would be the most likely to have experience with doctors and hospitals in your area. If you have medical insurance, make sure that the doctor you choose is on their list...if required.
3. ?
I just saw your post. Congratulation! I oversee the prenatal classes at Edward Hospital. Here's a link to some quality information about pregnancy, labor, and our own maternity unit (including a video tour): Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have about our prenatal classes or our maternity unit! Best wishes!

Susan Bard
Perinatal Education Coordinator
[email protected]
4. pennypincher
You need to know which type of birth you want. If you want a natural childbirth, then you need to find a doctor who is in favor of that. Find out the hospital's and doctor's c-sec rates. You also need to know the doctor's episiotomy rates.
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