I was wondering because it mentions being able to play games with the sick children and also you can keep family informed on how someone is doing during and operation which is what i would prefer to do but my mom said it might be difficult especially if i have to deliver bad news which i understand but its really...
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1. EponaLupa
you should not be the bearer of bad news -that responsibility falls on to an adult and should be doctor or nurse healh care professional. You would do the other things and I think it is great you can do this! I grew up in Miami long ago but baptist hospital was there even then wih its volunter program. It is admirable for a youn person to start to give of their time in service for the community they are a part of. we people and all creatures in this world together. Helping each other is important work/service! Once you start you will soon find you are learning things and you may end up training someone else new!
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