I have a regular doctor but I have already had an ultrasound at 15weeks and 4 days not to long ago I am further along now and want to know the sex so I can start fixing everything. My doc ultrasound referral didnt have an appointment till a few weeks from now so i was wondering if anyone knew anyplace i can get an...
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1. mommymich
Just go to yellowpages.com and type in Ultrasound techs or maybe just ultrasound. There will be places but they will charge you a nice little chunk of cash. I would suggest waiting till you are at least 19 weeks. Thats when most doctors will recommend it.
2. ☆RN Student-n-Mom☆
You will not be able to find out the sex at 15/16 weeks along that is way to early. If you get an ultrasound anytime before 18 weeks chances are it will be inaccurate hun. But you just type in ultrasounds and your area.. places do ultrasounds for money all over the country.
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