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1. nonconformiststraightguy
Number of hospitals by country
Brazil 6,196
Mexico 2,351
Chile 396
Argentina 1,722
Colombia 1,038
Venezuela 328
2. carrie
Brazil - 7500 hospitals

“The Brazilian Healthcare model has a comprehensive coverage: anybody
can have medical assistance in any of the 6000 hospitals of the
national healthcare network. There are 7500 hospitals in Brazil - most
of them work for SUS and are paid directly from the federal
government. DATASUS is the ministry of health official authority to
process all healthcare data in the country, from hospital stay to
primary care programs. From these 6000 hospital more than 70 % of them
have less than 100 beds and very few informatics infrastructure. Most
of them only have the system offered (for free) by DATASUS to manage
the patients’ bills for reimbursement.”

“There are 7,500 hospitals in Brazil, about the same number in the
States. The average size of our hospitals is smaller than those in the
States. The average is about 70 beds, one of the city's hospitals has
almost 100 beds. The number of hospitals has decreased in the States
and it is increasing here. Of the 7,500 hospitals 1,200 are public
hospitals and 3,000 are institutions, I don't think you have the
equivalent. These are kind of community general hospitals. Catholic,
most of them. And 3,000 private hospitals that would make the 7,500
hospitals that Brazil has.”

3. alberto
There are about 77,000 health establishments in Brazil.
Many of them are hospitals and, many other are clinics.
4. brasilian girl
A lot, and some are them a free !!!!!And why do u people think that our country is just a big jungle.
Doctors in Brazil, IN