The Hand and Orthopedic Rehab Clinic Brazil in Brazil, IN We Do Not provide In-Home therapy.Hand and Upper Extremity Rehab Clinic specializes in treating patients who present with injuries, and disorders of the upper quadrant. We are here to work with those who have hand, shoulder or arm problems and help them return to maximum functionality.When an injury does occur, or a condition develops that affects your hand, arm, elbow or shoulder, where you go for your rehabilitation can have a big impact on the results you achieve.You can go to a clinic with therapists who treat arm injuries, along with hips, knees, and legs.Or, you can go to a specialist, with therapists who treat only hand, arm, elbow, and shoulder injuries.Specialists who truly understand the entire arm's intricacies, and know how all the pieces work together. People who know what treatments are most effective for each type of injury & condition.Specialists who know how to get the best long-term results possible, and who have a long track record of success in treating upper extremities with people from all walks of life.Hand and Upper Extremity Rehab Clinic is committed to the needs of our community. Our treatment efforts transcend the daily interactions we have with our patients. Perhaps more importantly, we participate in the local health care system devoted to the well being and prosperity of our families, friends, colleagues and neighbors. [AD]



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Address: 15 Forest Park Plaza, Brazil, IN 47834
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  • Mon : 8am-6pm
  • Tue : 8am-6pm
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