Bellevue Pain Institute in Bellevue, WA My care philosophy has been developed over 25 years of daily patient encounters. I have found that above all else patients want to be given the time necessary to be completely heard about their pain or health condition. We have developed our practice to allow us all the time needed to fully understand the conditions of our patients. We support our patient's decisions about their treatment plan by educating them all all available treatment options both here with us as well as with other competent providers. Doctor means teacher and to that end we place very high value on patient education and encouragement through their treatment plan. We use our media as well as monthly in office seminars where we discuss a variety of topics from basic pain management to spinal rehabilitation to comprehensive nutritional concepts around systemic inflammation. Listening to our patients feedback is also a very important aspect of our practice methods. We hold focus groups with random patients to receive input regarding the practice experience as well as monthly feedback evaluations with each and every patient that is under care. We have found that the patient feedback is invaluable for us to continually improve the patient experience as well as improving out comes for our patients. Communication systems are in place between our office and all the local hospitals as well as many local clinics so that we can securely, easily and efficiently share important patient information which is essential for comprehensive care. Ultimately, treating our patients with dignity, compassion and respect is the foundation on which our practice has been built and will continue to hold as our highest values. [AD]



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