What's the backup plan?
Answer`s (10):
1. Get out of my pocket!
This is the first time in my 48 yrs that Congress has started making "wild guesses" instead of judicial decisions. They want to pass a law that forces people to purchase their insurance whether or not we can afford it. Yet they don't want us to know the limits of our coverage until it passes. How insane and asinine!

They know it is doomed to failure just like all Government run Medicial world wide

.Worldwide Experiments in Socialism

Great Britain

NHS is 'failing patients' despite record funding

Cancer survivor confronts the health secretary on 62-day wait

Culture of targets prevents nurses from tending to patients

Children being failed by health system, says head of watchdog

Stop asking for antibiotics to cure coughs and colds, Government tells patients

Cancer patients ‘betrayed’ by NHS

Women in labour turned away by maternity units

British Healthcare To Be Rationed


Will Socialized Health Care in the US Kill Canadians?

Wait times for surgery, medical treatments at all-time high: report

More than 1,000 orthopedic, gynecological and general surgery patients in Kelowna have been left wondering when their operations will take place

The Ugly Truth About Canadian Health Care
Socialized medicine has meant rationed care and lack of innovation

Pediatricians, parents warn of shortage of community-based care for children

Surgery backlog tops 5,500 at kids' hospitals; One-year waits common

The truth about Canada's ailing health-care system

Former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Socialized Health-Care Nightmare

Russia's Health Care Is Crumbling: Dire Lack of Funds Creates Sick, Dwindling Populace And 'National Emergency'

La Lucha: The Human Cost of Economic Repression in Cuba

New Zealand

On the waiting list roller-coaster
Murray Benton has had to wait more than two years for life-saving heart surgery promised by Auckland City Hospital

Surgical waiting lists numbers come under twin attacks
When people are assessed as needing surgery, but do not qualify for an operation within six months they are placed on an active review list
Patients are being forced to wait longer, and get sicker, before they can get on the official waiting list, let alone get the operations they desperately need," Ms Collins said

Public patients wait longer for surgery

Painful wait for care

Operating theatres shut to save cash as thousands wait for surgery

Other European Countries

Hospitals on the verge of a breakdown

Sweden Edges Toward Free-Market Medicine

Netherlands aims to tackle health divide
Socioeconomic inequalities remain similar to those in the United Kingdom and Scandinavian countries, despite a sustained effort over 20 years

A Hard Lesson About Socialized Medicine
Europeans are now learning some hard facts of life about socialized medicine: there's no such thing as a free lunch.-

Paying The Price For Drugs In Europe
Whether they admit it or not, those who advocate 'making drugs more affordable for American seniors' are actually headed down a slippery slope to price controls, free-market analysts charge.-
2. Snowman
Raise taxes -- can't mess with a 'winning' equation...

The U.S's Government Health Insurance Stats:
1. Medicare BANKRUPT ~36 Trillion in unfunded liabilities
2. Medicaid BANKRUPT ~35+ Trillion in unfunded liabilities
3. TRICARE - Being reformed
4. VA care - Hit and Miss...horror stories w/ the misses.
5. Medi-Cal - Bankrupt
6. Hawaii's system - Bankrupt
7. Mass.'s system - Bankrupt

0 for 7 -- Impressive.

3. Lady Shondra
it will be utterly catastrophic.

recently, VP Biden admitted 'we got it wrong', he was referring to the economy and the stimulus.

today Obama said 'the cash for clunckers has exceeded our expectations" and the program is already out of money just after four days.

this is an indicator that they simply have no clue what they are doing but determined to do it anyway. obama hasn't taken time to evaluate any aspect of our issues and yet wants immediate passage of programs that no one has actually read.

sheer arrogance and stupidity.

they demanded a deadline on passage, now they are saying that they didn't and blaming it on the media. not good to do to their adoring press who can bring them down.

we cannot afford to get it wrong and hope to survive.
4. ?
Your children will pay for this mistake for generations to come in so many ways,schools ect...

I know what we have now is not perfect, but you still get to see a doctor if you need to.

Just imagine if you had to wait in line for weeks so you could see a doctor or die waiting...sad but true...ask Canada.
5. Barack Hussein Obama II Retard
I will try another one. I don't care if your and my children have to pay for my choices. I don't think about the consequences of my choices. I am not logical or rational. Just look, I have another stimulus package coming.
6. rayb1214
We are all screeeewwweeeed. Well, those of us that work, pay taxes, and have health care. The rest, they really have nothing to lose, do they?
7. Joseph M
IF? Talk about one big CLUSTER. All of you jerks deserve everything you get from this idiot. To bad I have to go down with the ship also.
8. railroad dave
health care is a misnomer . its INSURANCE coverage . health care is when folks see a doctor and get well . obama proposes getting insurance industry rich .
9. Tom
"0" is not the decider here, the House & the Senate are.

No charge for the lesson.
10. ?
Then we're totally screwed