Isn't that amazing how well educated men with bright futures ahead of them would throw it all away by getting into terrorism? The sociology types who blame poverty for everything must not like this story.
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1. sarge927
Neither do the liberals. Their master plan for stemming terrorism was to offer economic opportunities for the poor, impoverished, lower-class Arabs that supposedly make up the ranks of al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. Gee, I guess offering economic opportunities won't stop terrorism after all -- not if it's really upper-class, well-educated Arabs that are the terrorists. But how quickly we forget. Remember the four men who flew the planes on 9/11? All college-educated, all multi-lingual, all members of the Arab upper-class or aristocracy, and yet these individuals (whom you would believe to be more open-minded) believed the best thing they could do with their lives was to martyr themselves and kill as many white devils as possible in the process. Just goes to show you that the liberals truly have ZERO understanding of our enemy.
2. bia bia
I would like to hear what they have to say for themselves, it doesn't make any sense. Educated or not, why blow up a car at an airport and hurt innocent bystanders? I don't understand what point they were trying to make. That is if they are found guilty of this crime.
3. Ipsydoodle
I guess the Hippocratic oath was not enough to stop them....

"First, do no harm..."

Terrorists are just a bunch of brainwashed jackasses.

I think the penalty for Muslim terrorists should be to have them force fed an entire roast pig, and then shot with bullets drenched in pig blood, then wrapped in a burial shroud of pig skin and buried in pig entrails.
4. justme
when were they convicted in a court of law
5. Spek
from what i hear, i guess they were.
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