I moved here to Henderson Nv, from Canton Oh and i am 37 weeks pregnant. No one will see me because they say im too far along or other places ask me to put don 1700 dollars for delivery and i cannot afford that. Nor 200 dollars every week for a visit.. I applied for medicaid here but i have to wait 45-60 days and i...
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1. ArmyWife
Go to a walk in clinic, you will have to pay but from my understanding most dont make you pay upfront. Maybe find a place that will work out a payment plan until you can get insurance? Also if there is a health department near you go there. I got Medicaid instantly when i was pregnant with my first child by applying at a health department instead of a actual DCF
2. Kathy G
Yes, I would check the health department. If that doesn't work, then go into the hospital for a "labor check" (in other words, fake it). (you have been having contractions every 10 minutes for 2 hours...no your water didn't break, you are not having any bleeding). At least you will get your blood pressure checked, your urine checked, and someone will check the baby on the monitor. You probably won't get an ultrasound, but maybe you don't need one. It's such a scary thing to wonder if everything is OK and sometimes there are good reasons for working the system when the system won't work for you.
3. Jiffy LPN
Go to the local hospital, there is a law where they can't deny you treatment and Medicaid is 3 months retroactive. (they pay your back bills for the 3 months before your insurance is active). Many hospitals have bed fund charities that you can apply for when you don't have insurance that pay your bill. If you still don't get anywhere with this info contact your attorney general they are good at making businesses obey the laws and may be able to help you.
4. CarbonDated
Unfortunately, that is the situation in today's economy. Moving 1000 miles at the end of pregnancy doesn't really help either.

Contact the County Health dept. and ask them where you can go for sliding scale prenatal care. They may be able to send you to a pregnancy clinic where you don't see a doctor unless the nurse notes a problem. However, they do all the other screening.
5. Flower
You can afford to see a clinic doctor for $50. Community, county out-patient clinics are in every town. You will be sent by the clinic to a county hospital for delivery and get a bill which you can pay off in payments. Why didnt you have insurance before you got pregnant? Ask the father to pay for it.
6. Lindsey
Go to a health clinic. Ask them about it and see if they can check you or if they can refer you to someone that will and when you do get your insurance again than they can cover the back pay.
7. Piney
I hope it all goes well for you.
If your in the uk, medical service is free. If not, do anything you can to get hold of money, to save your child!
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