any suggestions for a 23 year old looking for a private health insurance. Someone recommended Healthy NY.

I have been getting crazy quotes like $1,000 + a month. I don't smoke, drink and in healthy condition. Thanks for your time in advance.
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1. Zarnev
NY has the some of the highest insurance rates in the nation. This is because of the state mandates. The state controls the policy and all of the insurance is basically the same with similar premiums. If you want anything else you'll need to move.

Health NY is welfare.
2. StephenWeinstein
The amount that you were quoted is the price from that insurance company in the part of NY where you live. The only three ways to get a better price are:

1. Get a quote from a different insurance company
2. Move (preferably to another state)
3. Wait until you turn 65.

In New York, by law, insurance companies must charge every person between 19 and 64 who "don't smoke, drink and in healthy condition" the exact same price, to the penny, as a person who does smoke and drink and is in bad health. They are not allowed to charge you any less than anyone else between age 19 and 64 in the part of NY where you live. If they do not charge you as much as everyone else between age 19 and 64 in the part of NY where you live, then they cannot sell insurance to anyone in your part of NY.

Until you turn 65, an insurance company cannot offer you a better price where you now live unless they also offer it to everyone else between 19 and 64 in the part of NY where you live. It is against the law.
3. mbrcatz
NY sets the price and the conditions for coverage, in the state. It's ONLY about your age, which of three plans you choose, and which county you live in.

You will be subsidizing the 60 year old heart attack victims who smoke and drink and are 100 pounds overweight, because you WILL be paying the same price for health insurance, as they do.

That's how it is. There is effectively NO shopping around, in NY. That's how the state set the system up - and THAT, is true socialism, as espoused by the democratic party. Everyone pays the same rate, no matter what. That's how it works.
4. Go with the flow
You would always try to find a job that offers health insurance.
Even walmart offers this.
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